About the Charity

Jesus Abandoned Charity

Motto:  “To receive is human…to give is Divine”

Mission:  Jesus Abandoned is a non-profit charity with a goal to deliver donated, used disability/mobility aids and hospital/medical equipment to physically disabled children, teens and adults in countries with need. Donations are sourced from institutions discarding surplus equipment and generous individuals. Jesus Abandoned aims to bring to the lives of abandoned & disabled children, teens and adults the gifts of dignity, hope, independence and love of Christ.

Naming the Charity: The name “Jesus Abandoned” was chosen as it highlights the truth that in helping the abandoned & disabled one is helping Christ who is within each of us.

Logo Design:  Christ crucified reminds us that Christ gave His life for our salvation.  The blood & water flowing from Christ’s side is a sign of His mercy & love for us.  As followers of Christ we return God’s love by helping those in need.

Beginnings:  Photos of severely disabled children & elderly in desperate situations prompted the idea to simply send mobility /disability /hospital equipment to Nigeria for distribution.

Registration:  On discovering an abundance of obsolete disability equipment in hospitals and nursing homes around Toowoomba, the decision  was made to register a charity “Jesus Abandoned”, in order to ship this equipment to Nnewi Diocese.  The charity was registered in Anambra State Nigeria in 2012 & federally with the Nigerian Government in 2013.

Australian Reg’n: CH2088  Anambra State Reg’n No: 571   Federal Registration: 69746


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