Photos: Distribution in Nnewi Diocese

First Container Distribution

Jesus Abandoned Charity filled a 40ft shipping container with donated disability/hospital equipment from institutions in Toowoomba such as St Andrew’s Hospital, Toowoomba Base Hospital, Lourdes Nursing Home, Salem Nursing Home, Blue Care Therapy Centre, Vinnies & private individuals.

The shipping container was loaded over a 2-day period at St Andrew’s Hospital, with the assistance of the engineering staff at St Andrew’s, TOMNET volunteers, private volunteers, TNT Transport and Jesus Abandoned staff. The container was delivered to St Andrew’s for loading by Woods Transport and then taken by Woods to Brisbane port for loading onto the ship.

The ship sailed for Nigeria on November 18 2011 and arrived at Lagos, Nigeria at the end of December. Due to a national strike the clearance of the container was delayed until January 22nd 2012. The container was transported the 6 hour journey to Nnewi Diocese, where the month of February saw the distribution of the equipment to centres in the diocese.


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